Lü BU to job seekers

Lü BU to job seekers
Said Lu BU because the fengyi Pavilion manslaughter case, spent five years in prison. Following the already destitute, food has become a problem. He heard that Liu Bei when the Xuzhou electric company boss, business is doing well, to job-seekers. Liu Bei saw his cover letter, awfully happy, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei said, “Lu Bu the man, strong business ability, I think he was the Deputy General Manager in charge of sales, what do you think? ”

Zhang Fei eyes stared and said, “No. Lü Bu the kid doesn’t, which means of course are not under Dong Zhuo. Made him Vice President of now, watch out he accidentally gave away three of my brother to put pocket to (cheat)! ”

Liu Bei said: “in any case, he worked with us, after all. Look at the enemy’s sake, first had to receive others. ”

When Lü BU should be about when Liu Bei had recognized him at a glance. See him in a suit, and as charming as before. Liu Bei, after he emerged from jail, to countenance, indeed remarkable.

“Can I ask you a personal question? “Liu reminds him of that story,” what happened between you and He Diaochan? ”

Lü BU looked suddenly gloomy, he said: “your class out of the two women, talented CAI Wenji and the beautiful diao CHAN, but they are doomed. CAI Wenji obviously like the devil, but somehow was married to a foreigner. Diao CHAN, as Dong Zhuo’s Canary. You don’t see me on weekdays a sleek sophisticated look, people are flesh, I was diao Chan first taunt, then sympathy, and didn’t expect to fall in love with her. ”

Liu Bei asked, “supposedly He Diaochan you two, but heroes Belle, a match. Why do you take such extreme measures not to kill Dong Zhuo then? ”

Riboud said: “it’s all my fault no control at all. That night, I meet her He Diaochan to the coffee shop and meet, drink a lot of wine. I had a bad feeling about this, diao said, wine can and cannot drink anymore. She is like a pair of drunken, say: ‘ fine, drinks are on me. I half-jokingly answered and said to her: ‘ there’s something, the child who is? ‘ No children no, Dong Zhuo was poured out this sort of thing. From the coffee shop, we had room to Feng Yi ting hotel, diao Chan is vomiting in the bathroom, THUMP, knock at the door. I opened the door, Dong Zhuo was rushed in…… ”

“This is must have……” Liu Bei sighed, “you back to my notice, I hope to be able to help you. ”

Sent Lü BU, Liu Bei went to seek the views of MI Zhu. MI Zhu replied: “the way of management, you know. Company to use his ability, not his personality; using his strengths, not his fault. If you feel that the person is available, may be so bold. As for his character, some are private life problem, we shouldn’t get too wide, but some questions will be involved in the work, we just press code to run him too much an accident. ”

Liu Bei made up his mind, to hire Lu Bu. Zhang Fei also prevented Liu Bei said impatiently: “he spent five years in it, how dare Act it? As a persons released from prison, he and his new! Then again, that he had killed Dong Zhuo, was also not a good bird. ”

Carrot game up company morale

Carrot game up company morale
Liu Bei quickly absorbed a variety of carrots nutrients, and to introduce new designs a set of carrots into the Super carrot games, not spend any of the cost, make work fun, staff morale and enthusiasm. The game goes like this:

The first step, according to different grades, displayed a variety of exciting carrot to employees.

Second, when an employee is on the job with excellent performance, nomination by supervisors or colleagues, you can gain honor points.

The third step, set enough honor points, you can contribute to the company for cash, prizes, such as household appliances or travel. Employees can also apply these points continue to accumulate, exchange more prizes in the future.

Liu Bei said: “this game sounds very cliché, in the various product promotions can often be seen-but the same concept used in different places, tend to produce different effects. I believe that employees will really enjoy this game. They like to chase after an unexpected interest, when they got the prize, there will be a feeling of winning and enjoy. ”

“Apply this approach to management, Liu always can be described as the best in people. “Mi Zhu praised, seconded by saying,” this game most of taste is, employees can of carrots to accumulate points according to their own preferences, so you can make a carrot’s allure is proportional to the employee’s performance. Employees may feel that their efforts will be the recognition and praise of the company. When they have achieved, natural feel particularly pleased and honoured. ”

Sure enough, the activity once launched, succeeded in attracting the attention of employees. Company warmly like a Festival every day, employees also enjoy it. They scrambled in order to gain honor points, and soon had 99% employees get a number of honor points, 12% of staff would convert points into prizes. For example, Guan Yu by his study of this programme again decorated; Zhang Fei points exchangeable for travel, all expenses paid by the company.

Meanwhile, the company’s performance is also thriving. Liu Bei in from these considerable profits took a fraction of the reimbursement of expenses as a carrot.

The battle, Liu Bei suddenly found the role of General Manager, suddenly were brimming with confidence. Blessing, his theory of carrots are also green, continue to flourish. Some blame, he said: “full of favors and a belly like you hypocritical, playing with carrot sticks all day long, you do not afraid of hell after death? ”

Liu Bei face kind, replied: “the full amount is not fake, hypocritical belly may not be. Also, you say that I’m playing with carrot sticks, you did not like this? ”

The hostages asked: “what makes you say I played with carrot sticks? ”

Liu reminded him: “you just use ‘ hell ‘ to warn me? The so-called paradise, is a carrot called hell, is a big stick! ”

Some free carrot

Some free carrot
“There is a very important point, it should not spend money! “Mi Zhu to inculcate loyalty to the new President,” the employees are not good employees of the greedy money, but definitely, greedy for money managers is commendable. Mountains do not make land gets into the sea not give drop gets into its deep-as General Manager, you have to understand, how much money for the development and growth of the company is an important resource! ”

Liu Bei had no choice but to continue to consult with him: “you tell me, has eight employees demand levels. Now, you tell me some free carrot! ”

MI Zhu nodded and said: “now that Liu is always willing to help, I took my research over the years tell you ten free carrot. ”

The first carrot: Heavenly maid scattering blossoms

Heavenly maid scattering blossoms are widely circulated in China very endearing fairy tale. For business managers, this gongfu is a free, but it was very wonderful carrot. The reason is simple: as a Manager, you can around here a word of praise, praise, you can increase the staff of endorphins. Endorphins make people excited, so you can improve employees ‘ ability to withstand the pain. Naturally, they will work harder.

Second carrot: concern

When the leadership started the care their private lives, and right away that they form a special relationship. This special relationship, can not only let the subordinates don’t work for money, even at a critical time can make them to bravely engaged in incredibly hard work. Many historical films in China, such scenes often occur:

In a back room, a leader who looks dignified asked, “John, how I treat you? ”

Tom immediately said: “my Lord be my benefactor! ”

Leader continued: “there is one thing, I wonder if you can make it? ”

John don’t ask, what’s the matter, first express his utter devotion: “adults but have sent John wansibuci! “Grace wherever the soldier to die.

The third carrot: pretending to care

If your employee’s personal life (family, marriage, health, and personal dynamics) little interest and no, this trick is very useful to you. You can use a number of ingenious ways, on the one hand people pretend to care for you tears, on the other hand you can also avoid listening to something you don’t want to listen to tedious story.

A good idea is like this, you’re in the mood to drive through the staff side about 100 metres away, he yelled: “your family OK? “In this way, you can use full volume to express your concern, everyone knows that you are concerned about him, and don’t have to listen to him herself.

Especially on holidays, many leaders are good at playing this game.

If you feel I’ve seen others leave you leave changed meaning that’s OK, if you think sincerely each other nothing valuable and important, you can play this game, or within a short period is also very effective at times.

The fourth carrot: a special gift

Birthday cards is just a piece of stiff paper, however, if it has your signature will make staff feel honored. The same, only dozens of Yuan to the mall to buy a tie (necktie wholesale ordering cheaper), once it has become a badge of honour, means an unusual value.

If an employee has been developed to make tens of millions of new items, you can use the three carved an arrow: open a Conference and awarded him with much fanfare that tie.

So earnest has three a benefits: a is makes that article tie looks like is priceless; II is let get tie of employees moved have shed tears, makes he for get second article tie and hell-bent to continues to grindstone; three is makes he of colleagues crazy to jealous that article tie, to established “ahead go is tie (carrot), back go is belt (and stick of role as)” of workplace concept.

Fifth carrots: challenging work incentives

Work is too simple, and employees will feel dull; too hard, they will be scared. Actually, the key problem is not degree of difficulty, but whether the work exciting.

For example, you can put something on the hard (though we all know it’s very easy to), when employees complete the task easily, you can put them as heroes.

As another example, when you are assigned a difficult task, you can use it as a “challenge” to the John. You said that only he could do better. So, even though Zhang encountered great difficulties, his chest full of Olympic athletes in a strong faith.

Sixth carrots: Awards

Commendation for almost no cost, yet it’s the carrot effect is surprisingly good.

A paper certificate can not only meet the employees ‘ sense of honor, also showed that the employees ‘ willingness to use their hard work in Exchange for this free cardboard, he will also continue to use their hard work in Exchange for this free cardboard, others should also be like that with your own hard work in Exchange for this free cardboard. Then, he became a role model.

Seventh carrot: having lunch with employees

If employees have the opportunity to have lunch with you or chat, will no doubt feel honored. He will create the illusion of a happy, thinking that they have a capacity, appreciated and relied on, is success … … For a while.

You may feel guilty about this illusion, and employees really need this illusion.

Eighth carrots: give employees the opportunity to set their own work goals

If employees have the opportunity to set their own goals, he used 12 times to prove that their plans are right. Therefore, involve employees in the process of setting goals like “on the cover”.

Play this trap can best embody the leader’s managerial skills, otherwise is not careful it might have screwed. Those employees will be like kids in kindergarten, raised some interesting but not measurable goals. And your real objective is, let the staff target set out what you want.

The Nineth carrots: to encourage their dedication

Don’t promote employees to leave work on time (at least 10 minutes later to leave her work), not to allow employees sick leave, on the contrary, to encourage employees to work overtime and sick. If you know how to cultivate their dedication, you don’t have to spend money to get more of their residual value.

The trick is that you don’t want to call it “free overtime”, and it should be called “the professionalism of the outstanding performance”.

The tenth carrots: plan competition among employees

If you can plan competition among employees, making them a more than a dedicated, they would have a more than a cute, your carrot effect will be like dominoes as exciting to.

Every employee is a Domino, you have to put them in place. Then you need a staff model and role of examples is endless.

Liu Bei, listen to and take notes, while Marvel: “Mi Zhu, you ten free carrot is like ten tips carrots along dazzling! ”

MI Zhu was moved to say: “in the world of management, carrot the game everywhere. Regardless of the findings, derived from or use of the wonderful, entirely lies. ”

How much demand there is much carrot

How much demand there is much carrot

“In Human Resources Management, carrots What does this mean? It is the ways and means to motivate employees to complete tasks.” Mi Zhu explains, “In this sense, any method can play the way incentives could be carrot.”

Liu Bei asked: “According to your understanding, what kind of carrot it?”

Mi Zhu then said: “This is to begin to analyze the level of demand from the employees’ ……”

“?? Employees demand level is the famous Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it,” Liu Bei said cheerfully: “This Maslow was a psychologist, he believes there are five levels of human needs first is physiological needs. is the basic personal needs for survival, such as food and clothing costs, etc., followed by security needs, including security psychologically and materially, for example against theft and threats, prevention of dangerous accidents, occupational security, social insurance and retirement funds. The third is social needs, people are a member of society, need friendship and groups belonging, interpersonal needs sympathy with each other, mutual help and praise. The fourth is to respect the needs, including the requirement respected by others and their own inherent The self-esteem. The fifth is the need of self-realization, referring to through their own efforts, realize their expectations of life, and thus feel truly meaningful life and work. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, only to meet a person’s needs to give, in order to become a motivating factor for him. this truth, you just said with a bowl of rice two bowls of rice meant almost three bowls of rice. ”

Mi Zhu said: “The level of employees’ needs and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in structural form is the same as this form of structure is based on three fundamental assumptions: First, people want to survive, he needs to be able to influence his behavior, need to influence behavior only unmet needs have been met can not continue to act as a motivational tool; the second, the needs of people arranged in a certain order of importance, the formation of hierarchical structures Third, when a person’s level After the need to meet the minimum, we will need to pursue a high level, so gradual rise, to continue its efforts for promoting the intrinsic motivation. ”

Mi Zhu Liu Bei to pour a glass of water, in order to satisfy his need to drink water and valued, while served tea side asked: “? You say then say, what the needs of employees Level”

Mi Zhu Liu Bei Bianxiang page to a pen and pad of paper, draw the shape of a pyramid, lists eight levels, be named “Employee hierarchy of needs.”

Liu Bei staring schematic surprise: “? Mi Zhu, this is your employees who experience it turned out to be the minimum requirements for wages on time?”

Mi Zhu said: “In many companies, in many cases, employees who have not met the minimum requirements for your looking through the newspaper, labor disputes concerning payment of wages even less do through your management, if we make each company.? monthly pay wages on time, including me, will thank you for all the staff heartily. ”

Liu Bei to be a wait, I continue to ask: “? Does winter warmth, to send cool summer like gobbledygook also make employees feel grateful.”

Mi Zhu said: “This year, Renxinbugu willing to do this kind of red tape, it has been a loving son of a good officer as it valued employees, not drink, but the company led a soul.!!”

“Look you’re so pathetic! Then,” Liu Bei asked, “Can we change this hierarchy of needs it?”

Mi Zhu smiled slightly: “Have you heard of sit back and wait for the story?”

Liu Bei replied: “first grade have heard say that a farmer was killed accidentally picked up a stump rabbit, since then, he does not work, and every day, picking up a rabbit yet imagined..”

Mi Zhu said: “For any person, other than a windfall of more than demand is the poison you have changed the level of demand Chen Teng, and it still put everyone like that you become him.?”

Liu Bei surprised, and asked: “Chen Teng how?”

Mi Zhu clearly told him: “You give Chen Teng promotion and pay rise, not because of his suitability as an assistant general manager, but because he helped you do this, that you put him into a passive attitude opportunist now. He also fantasy by waiting and planning, to get a second goal in rabbits. And a like playing ingenuity of employees will not be loyal employees. ”

Liu Bei like a schoolboy mistakes, become frustrated up: “Mi Zhu ah, you said what should be how do I correct?”

Mi Zhu said: “You just need to follow the hierarchy of needs of every employee, step by step to meet them on the line you need only step by step, employees who need step by step, if you find gold (bonus), house (housing allocation). car (limo), seat (job promotion) or the like unnatural, then, it is precisely when required management skills as the company’s management, whether it is you or me, there is a daunting task is to try to persuade employees to put aside selfish short-term goals and let them to focus on long-term development of the company up. “

Types and uses of carrots

Types and uses of carrots
After Liu Bei became the general manager as saying, the shy method quickly quelled the noisy inside and outside the company. Every employee to see him are shy, don’t let him have something like a plum taste in the heart. Liu Bei knew, from a medical point of view, the staff just a fever to shyness. To get healthy body, must use the exercise therapy. That is to say, it is necessary to try to get the staff to work actively, which needs to be inspired.
Read “Three Kingdoms” of the people know, Liu Bei is able to eventually become one of the three major groups of the company’s founder, is because he is good at motivating. In the aspect of human resource management, he set a glorious image of benevolent invincible. However, long years, I want to say that those good confused, our young Liu locked himself in the office, began to contemplate and effective staff incentive.
Dong Dong, MI Zhu knocked on the door and asked: “Liu, this month’s salary report did you sign?”
Liu Bei asked him to sit down and discuss with him: “I want to give Chen Deng more than 500 yuan bonus, do you see fit?”
Mi Zhu asked: “what is the reason?”
Liu Bei said: “why is there no good said.”
Mi Zhu asked: “do you think Chen Deng gives you great help, need to thank you?”
Liu Bei nodded.
Mi Zhu said: “so, I think your thanks for selfish reasons can not represent the company issued this bonus.” Liu Bei was not pleased to say: “do I fire bonus right? As the saying goes: “no army, no man, no man, no man, no reward, no man.” As a general manager, if not done to others, who will work for the company?”
Mi Zhu said: “you as general manager, employee rewards should be, but definitely not arbitrary. I’ll tell you a story about a rabbit and a carrot, you can understand some of the truth.”
1 rabbit king encountered problems
There is a group of rabbits on the hill slopes. In the careful management of blue eyed rabbit king, the rabbits have fun have ample food and clothing. But recently, the rabbit to look for food to bring back the food is less and less. Why? Rabbit Wang found that part of the rabbit in the lazy.
2 the necessity of reward
The rabbit king found that those lazy rabbit do not only, also had a negative impact on the other rabbits. Those who don’t lazy rabbit also think, now that more dry and less, what is it? And one of the following is a lazy one. So the king of the rabbit was determined to change the situation, and he announced that he would be able to get his special reward.
3 free to reward, stir up resentment
A bunny got the first carrot rabbit King Award, it aroused a great disturbance in the rabbits. The rabbit king did not think the response is so strong, and it is the effect of the opposite reaction.
There are a few old rabbit came to talk to him about all the little gray rabbit is not questioned, the rabbit king what reward gray rabbit? “I think little gray rabbit’s work is good,” said the hare. If you can also be positive, you will get a reward.”
4 rabbits have learned to face
So the rabbits found the secret of the reward. Almost all of the rabbits believe that as long as he is good at the performance of the rabbit king in front of their own, you can get the reward of carrots. Those honest rabbits because they are not good at performance, always eat stuffy. Then, a face for many, many years to come, the prevalence of type even in rabbits (face a set back work style). Many rabbits are trying to get the rabbit king’s favor, and even resort to deceit. The fine tradition of hard work and simplicity of the rabbits has been badly hit.
5 have rules to Cheng Fangyuan
In order to reform the drawbacks of the rabbits in the resort to deceit, the rabbit king old rabbits under the help of a set of evidence-based incentives. This way, the rabbits collected the food must pass through, and then can be completed in accordance with the number of rewards.
Suddenly, the rabbits changed work efficiency, greatly enhance the food inventory.
6 pay attention to the reform of the reward system

The rabbit king is not proud of how long, the rabbits in its work efficiency, soon in the deteriorating situation. Rabbit Wang felt strange, a careful investigation, the original food source in the vicinity of the rabbit population has long been over exploitation, but no one is willing to take the initiative to find a new source of food.
There is a long eared rabbits were accusing him of only the number of fueling a short-term behavior of utilitarianism, is not conducive to the cultivation of those truly beneficial to the long-term development of Tuqun motives.
7 when the rules are broken
The rabbit king think long eared rabbit is very convincing, he began thoughtfully. One day, a small rabbit could not complete the task of Susu, his good friend are to their acquisition of mushroom to him. The rabbit king heard about it, to appreciate helpful character dudu.
After two days, the rabbit king in the warehouse door just encountered a happy Dudu, gave Dudu double reward. This precedent, face the game again becoming popular. We have a way to please the rabbit king, not to find a rabbit king noisy, make the rabbit king restless, irritability. Some said: “what I do, is rewarded less than them?” Some said: “I this time to do more, get less than the last time, this is not fair, right?”
8 carrots also lose the incentive effect
Time a long, the situation intensified, if there is no high reward, who is not willing to work. But, if no one is working, where does everyone’s food come from? Rabbit king absolutelybehave announced that willing to contribute to a group of rabbit volunteers, can immediately receive a large basket of carrots. Notice one, the applicant is not active. Under the rabbit king thought, four questions, and brave.
Who did not expect, those who have not registered in the registration of the rabbit is not a scheduled completion of the task. The rabbit king angrily, ran to blame them. They said: “this by common consent not to blame me, the rabbit king. Now that the carrot has come, who is in the mood to go to work?”
After hearing the story, Liu Bei surprised to say: “there is so much stress in the carrot! Let me be unexpected, even lose the incentive effect of carrot!”
Mi Zhu said: “for a hungry person, give him the first bowl of rice to eat is help; second bowls of rice is satisfied; third bowls of rice is poison. When he ate third bowls of rice, rice value for him, has been completely changed, where he can appreciate the “journey” meaning? Similarly, the rabbit king carrot not only can play the role of incentives, but makes the rabbit who one becomes voluptuous up. So, as the general manager, you should first understand the meaning of carrot, otherwise, you can not only motivate employees to work hard, but with a lot of trouble; you give them what is not happy, but poison.”
Liu Bei said: “today, if not you remind me, tomorrow I will encounter the same fate of the rabbit king!”
Mi Zhu said: “yes…… He took Chen Deng’s things. – you have to put him as the assistant to the general manager, it also caused many groundless talk employees. And then put the bonus a hair, everyone will think, as long as you are good in front of your performance, you have the opportunity to get a promotion. As a result, they will play tricks in front of your face. For Chen Deng will result in two aspects: on the one hand hurt others will scold him is a flatterer, making him a normal relationship hurt; on the other hand, Chen Deng himself will be on the arrogance, he makes good moral quality hurt. You said you sent Chen Deng this prize, is not a packet of a hundred harm and no benefit of poison?”
“Since that is the case, Chen Deng’s bonus is gone, and you don’t have to talk to anyone.” Liu Bei said, “and, you just said, I am Chen Deng as assistant general manager is also a carrot?”
Mi Zhu said: “yes, there are many kinds of carrots, and is not limited to cash.”

Man how to kill people

Man how to kill people
Liu wanted to think, says, “thinking I want is your mind. With regard to management practices, can be designed according to your ideas. You’ll help me explain management since it is a control of the game, then I should use the mentality of how to understand the games, in the game? ”

Chen Deng also make faltering, said: “Liu always said so, I have come to think of it. A few days ago, I wrote an essay entitled of the management rules of the game, that is the meaning of man how to kill people. Perhaps you have some references. ”

The next day, Liu Bei to work first thing go to the Planning Department for Chen Deng. Chen Deng

Said: “what good work you you take it? Last night, I have sent the articles sent to your e-mailbox. “Liu Bei said:” okay! ” All right! All right! I’m not going anywhere today, go and see! ”

On his return to the Office, immediately turned on the computer and found out that piece of Chen Deng essays.

Rules on the management of the game

1. Management is a controlled game, if you’re smart enough you can win, otherwise you’ll have to leave.

2. in order to win as much as possible in the game, you should design the rules of the game-a complete set of rules, including official authorities, employee code of conduct, as well as “carrot + stick” type of reward and punishment system.

3. in the game before, you have only two choices: or, you think you can win, so you put in enough energy to win everything or, you don’t play the game.

4. If you want but not sure, so if you can win at this game’s decision is not in your hands. A restless heart will keep you decided to act, so as to make the decision whether to win protest.

5. because each of the people involved in the game are part of your life, if you can control yourself, you can overcome all.

6. most of the time you can find, you can win, and others is the best way to unite and win-win. Strange thing is, someone is going to lose in a win-win game. If you’re smart, that losing person, not you.

7. you are all rivals, you can either use or cleared; all of us are your opponents, some people need to use some of them to be removed.

8. all people are capturing the weaknesses of others involved in the game, and try to take advantage of it. To do this, you must have faith, wary.

9. smart enough to deliberately show some weaknesses (for example words) is a clever solution, so you can let your opponents off the hook.

10. in order to win a game of controlled, you should learn to use emotion. Your emotions can move people, can also be used by opponents.

11. the so-called person actually is how to deal with opponents. You are your own biggest opponent.

12. in the management of work, do not themselves caught in some kind of game rules. Is all of the rules in order to win the game smoothly, please make use of these rules.

Liu Bei while watching, thinking to myself: “Chen Deng is terrible, but he said nothing. Write like whereas, every Word visible meat bones. Well, this theory of rules of the game, I was Liu Bei’s life, just like pilots get through without stumbling, and ease. So, how come does important things! ”

He thought, hand unconsciously grabbing the phone: “Chen Deng, Ah, you’re just a shot, will see kungfu ‘ Ah! If you have time, dinner, right? ”

Chen Deng said: “eat what? Can I help you? ”

Liu Bei said: “I want to promote you to Assistant General Manager. ”

Chen Deng asked: “why?” ”

Liu Bei said: “because of your great ability. Chen Deng without you, I wouldn’t be so smoothly through the campaign, became the company’s new General Manager. Chen Deng without you, we cannot stabilize the morale, the company is likely to result in noisy situations. You said, management control is a kind of game? To company staff can work together to win the game, I need to use your wisdom and strength. ”

Chen Deng 5 seconds of silence, and asked: “are you afraid someone is jealous of my? We have to deal with emotional issues in the game! ”

Liu Bei said: “this minor inconvenience, you can get it a little finger. ”

Chen Deng said: “I can’t say. In that essay, I forgot one thing-everyone in the management of their own lives, so person to person relationships are interactive, you will face some form of control. ”

Liu Bei asked: “you find anything new? ”

Chen Deng said: “I heard last night MI-to you as your brother Guan Yu, Director of the Office of House door, entrusted matchmaker Guan Erye’s favor, you know her sister. ”

Liu Bei was taken aback: “Mi Zhu, you say? He was concerned about me married to? ”

Chen Deng said: “it’s a bit like a political marriage, he wanted to control you by his sister, to consolidate his position in the company. MI is an honest man, Director, nothing malicious. His sister is also very good. You should not allow the business, regardless of their private lives? ”

Liu Bei laughed easily: “it appears that controlled gaming is everywhere in our lives! ”

“Yes,” Chen Deng moved to on the phone said, “in one’s social life, love is a kind of magical power. ”

The importance of authority

The importance of authority
When the “employee survey” once issued, it is insecure, and then to the general manager of the new register profound respect. The situation suddenly changed, as if it is received after the wind the skies. Liu Bei was so happy that he called to Chen Deng’s office and asked him to find a hotel in a small way.
“Why don’t you go now?” Chen Deng said, “you this is to work, why should take the private time?”
“Is it?” Liu Bei was not reacting to it for a moment.
Chen Deng said: “you have to understand, when the leadership and subordinates is not the same. What is the leader’s job? It is usually a day of three revolutions, the morning around the wheel to turn around the plate in the afternoon, the evening around the skirt. You are not official car, the wheels are not turned up. At night, you don’t have any hobbies, and the skirt is no more. What about? Turn around the plate in the afternoon, right?”
Liu Bei was startled, and pondered a long while, laughed and said: “Chen Deng, you are a wicked idea of listening! Well, just as you are. You say, where is it?”
When Liu Bei walked into the hotel room, Chen Deng was already waiting there.
“In fact, it is not only for the meal.” Liu Bei looked at him, slowly asked: “Chen Deng, you said I would not be a stupid manager?”
Chen Deng said, “I know you’re a man who works as a center of gravity. How did you say that? Dinner is also for the work of the guests – the people are to take it as a big joke on officialdom, but you here is a big truth.” He said, toast indicated. The pair took a back, and then he continued: “you are a pursuit, otherwise Tao Qian is not so like you, also you have chosen as his successor. After two days the “Three Kingdoms” magazine to interview your manager. And heard even last year was named Cao Cao star entrepreneurs are jealous of you, he asked “managers of the Three Kingdoms” reporter: “Liu Bei that what is what kind of person also? Incredibly don’t charge half an arrow, sit Xuzhou.”
Liu Bei said: “now I have a feeling of how hypoxia?”
Chen2 Deng used seven mind to eat shrimp, another third with Liu Bei speak: “yes, this is called the reaction to high altitudes, you soon will adapt to.”
Liu Bei’s appetite Chen2 Deng so good, he asked the waiter poured a cup of plain boiled water, to hold it in the palm of your hand, and say, “I said, these employees really is honest, is actually a questionnaire form make obedient – for a word is mute, and so on, the company will have a little vitality?”
Chen Deng mouth stopped, said very seriously: “angry? I think, management authority is more important than life. The imperial China seems sacred, but on the other hand, this power is very unreasonable. There is no authority, no employees to comply with the rules of the workplace, then living in where? Have become water vapor emitted.”
Liu Beiwen: “why is it so important?”
Chen Deng said: “because the management is a kind of control game, the authority is a kind of control power.”
“Management is a kind of control of the game?” Liu Bei suddenly realized what, and that was what he needed.
“Management is a kind of control game,” Chen Deng said. Are people I’ve told Tao Qian said with the office is a control of the game theory.”
Liu Beiwen: “is it necessary to control and authority?”
“Of course.” Chen2 Deng to a no doubt tone replied, “Mencius, an ancient Chinese sage put people into two groups, who make the rules, the other people to abide by the rules; formulate rules of Headwork, abide by the rules of human labor. He also said that the rule of man to the people and not to the people – the so-called human caused, is to control the meaning. As headworker, you should have sufficient control to those employees to abide by the rules, namely: on the one hand, to learn to respect the leadership, is you see now docile; on the other hand to active and diligent work is what you said just now full of vitality. ”
Liu Bei came to see light suddenly, exclaimed: “this famous saying Mencius, always not fully understand. Listen to you say so, I managed to catch a straw.”
“Well?” Chen2 Deng deliberately made a very funny angry appearance, half jokingly said: “this famous saying but management program, just like a chain is as strong, how can you likened to that of a straw?”
Liu Bei was embarrassed to Wu Wu mouth, said: “a slip of the tongue, faux pas, Chen2 Deng ah, you are just a great management experts ah, would you please send Buddha sent West. Help me to formulate a treat the person who caused the people management scheme, how?” Chen Deng said: “I just have some pondering over the management philosophy, the operational practice of management is not very understanding. In other words, I see the forest trees, more do not know how to plant trees.”

The new government took office three fire

The new government took office three fire
Liu Bei, the new government took office, cautious. Hi, he suddenly has nearly 200 yuan of corporate assets management, the first peak on the personal career. What worries, beginning, people scattered, clustered. Chen Deng told him: “although you have passed the campaign, but still some people do not believe you, and even some people deliberately to see your joke. You have to do the work, is to stabilize the morale of the troops. With your words, is to clamp a good bucket.”
Liu Bei anxiously said: “I the” leaky bucket theory ‘is a major focus of the argument, to solve specific problems have on you which! Are you planning to master, is a veteran of the company, to help me out! I am now a multitude of things, I don’t know where to start!”
Chen Deng said: “the stability of the military, the so-called hoop bucket, the first step is to make the staff satisfaction. How to make employee satisfaction, there are usually three ways, that is, people often say, the new government took office three fire.”
Liu Beiji asked: “which of the three fire?”
Chen Deng said: “the first fire, give them wages. You just took office, and many places need to get their support. In exchange for support, is one of the common means of the new government office.”
Liu Bei shook his head and said: “I do not know the company’s financial situation, how can say a raise?”
Chen Deng said: “second, improve the company’s working environment. For example, the third floor of the toilet water pipe is blocked for two months, the sales department has damaged several desks. You can re – decoration company, the replacement of a number of office furniture, so that the company ‘s face.”
Liu Bei shook his head and said: “it is necessary to repair. The decoration is a bottomless pit, how much money are loaded into, or a little cautious as well.”
Chen Deng said: “third, do a survey of employee satisfaction……”
Liu Bei said: “there is a need to do an employee satisfaction survey. However, if in the survey appears difficult to clean up the situation, did not bring misery oneself?”
Chen Deng said with a smile: “you can be done after the satisfaction survey, simply do not go to the results.”
Liu Bei was surprised: “how can such irresponsible?”
Chen Deng still smile: “don’t you understand? This is called officialese. The new government took office three of the fire, you can not be a fire, right?”
Liu Beiwen: “the results of the investigation, do it and how to use it?”
Chen Deng said: “you need to be another result. You can use an employee survey, the staff’s attention from the current to make them angry things, and lead to those who seem to have their own mistakes. Once you achieve the goal, the staff are too late to blame, how can you this new officer is not satisfied with it?”
Liu Bei said: “I see light suddenly, reading (school), the most hated politicians. Is this……”
Chen Deng smiled and nodded, “yes.”. You are now facing an office politics, do you have a better way?”
Liu Bei asked for five minutes was not terrified.
Then, he sigh: “so, please you to design the” employee survey “?”
Wind blows Chen2 Deng, know that he have a crush on, 20 minutes after the re entered the Liu, general manager of the office, he handed a questionnaire design draft:
Employee questionnaire (A)
Please give the answer to the following questions:
1 what problems do you think the company has in management?
2 where do you think the new general manager is in the ability to have a problem? What do you want the new general manager to do?
3 do you think there are any other colleagues in the ability or moral issues? How should companies be treated?
4 what do you think the company should do in the work environment?
5 your salary is enough? If it is not enough, what would you like to meet?
Liu Bei looked for a long time, hesitated to say: “to say, it is necessary to do so. But, for me, seems to get into?”
Chen Deng said: “yes, this open question is really easy to get into trouble. You look at the following page, I changed a closed type of question, you will get another completely different results.” And said, and handed him second questionnaires:
Employee questionnaire (B)
Please tick in the back of your chosen answer:
1 and the leadership of the staff is a good staff, right? Right
2 sometimes you do not understand the good intentions of the leadership, right? Right
3 loyal employees are always full of confidence in the future of the company, is it? Is not
4 in the past year, you are a competent staff it? Is not
5 for the company’s future, you are willing to sacrifice personal interests? Is not
Liu Bei looked interesting, a smile face finally smiled: “you ask, does not make people shy?”
Chen Deng replied: “yes, this man is a shame, where will attack other people? The staff were ashamed to be ashamed of, and they could not tell you that you were talking about it!”
Liu Bei laughed: “it’s a wonderful thing – Chen Deng, it’s you. I was the new officer, you will burn the fire, let them first let them be shy!”

Chen Deng’s good argument

Chen Deng’s good argument
Tao Qian said self frail, determined to put the management of the company to Liu Bei. He is the director of general office Zhu MI, planning manager Chen Deng found collogue. Mi Zhu said: “Liu Bei is a worthy task of talent. However, he is young, to the company’s time is not long, suddenly turned out, everybody be convinced?”
Tao Qianwen: “then, what do you say?”
Chen Deng said: “you can engage in an internal election, to determine the future of general manager candidates according to the wishes of everyone.”
Tao Qian said: “you said the method is very good, but not necessarily fair. As the saying goes, ‘the three, there must be wings’ and company than Liu Bei popularity better there are plenty of such people, they are not as general manager of materials. If the choice is not human, will inevitably affect the company’s future. At that time, I in the lower, how happy ah!”
Chen Deng said: “you mean, is trying to launch Liu Bei, but also afraid of the outcome of the campaign against your will, right? The easy to handle, as boss of the company, by you to nominate candidates is granted, you only need to to Liu Bei to find two men on the foil can be. As a result, also two candidates vast will not affect the campaign established the, Liu Bei was elected general manager is on autopilot. Even if there are some minor accidents in the middle, I this planning department manager to operate from, also will certainly achieve the wish.”
Tao Qianwen: “this is probably not a gentleman to act in collusion with,?”
Chen said: “in ancient Chinese philosophy, such a thought: Evil teachings, Dharma also evil; it with witchcraft and witchcraft is also. In other words, that is, in order to justify the purpose, you can do anything.”
Tao Qian said: “the good and evil really insightful, but in real life is like playing with fire, get bad will ruin my Tao Qian’s life’s reputation. You and let me think twice.”
Who wants to heavy autumn cold, not for a week, Tao Qian suddenly fell ill. The hospital for observation for half a month, the doctor said was gastric cancer, have been powerless. Before dying, he called Chen Deng into the ward, MI Zhu, told the three words:
The first sentence: I have not done, according to your way to do.
Liu Bei is a good young man, you need to help him.
Third sentence: you must think of the future of the company, do not live up to me ah……
Said, while the fingers of the heart, and then quietly closed his eyes.
In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the author Luo Guanzhong said Tao Qian three to Xuzhou, referring to the “Tao Qian after many efforts, and finally the Xuzhou company to the Liu Bei”. Just the story speaks of here, suddenly found that Tao Qian not elderly, knee is still the second son, son Tao, Tao, the second son, are working in the company, why doesn’t he just take company to his son has to pay to Liu Bei?? Since then, it has become a mystery.
After the death of Tao Qian, MI Zhu and Chen Deng according to leave him a list of candidates, arrange the a campaign, let Liu Bei naturally became the general manager, and completed one of his wishes

He is a carpenter

He is a carpenter
Kong Rong is a university asked the home, learned and moral is known to the world. As a teacher, civil servant and later still Cao Cao led the Eastern Han Dynasty Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. done humanities advisor. There is a hole into the story, people pass from mouth to mouth with approbation.
When Kong Rong was four years old, one day, his father bought a few pears home, called Kong Rongxuan one to eat. He chose a little, and his father asked him, “why don’t you choose the big one?” Kong Rong replied: “the elder brother is bigger than me, should leave big to elder brother to eat.”
Tao Qian and his classmates, and asked him: “from the perspective of economics, do you think to eat small pears cost-effective?” Kong Rong replied: “I just let a pear, but the brother so love me for a lifetime, the society also gave me a high honor. If the big pear so as moral cost, is simply to gain ten thousand percent!” When Kong Rong from the hands of the Tao Qian took Liu Bei the “create a high performance team five tips”, could not help but eat a surprised, praise: “this person can also Shuai said!”
Tao Qianwen: “why is it so?”
Kong Rong said: “the person who has a special power, I just put this force called ‘management penetration’. This power is typical of a true.”
Tao Qianwen: “what is the penetration of management?”
Kong Rong said: “the management of penetrating power” refers to the management of the deployment, the initiative to complete the work of the capacity, in fact, the management of the real leadership of subordinates. The penetrating power of management emphasizes the initiative of the subordinate, and emphasizes the real nature of the leadership.”
Tao Qian asked: “why do you think he has the” penetrating power of management “?”
Jung said: “person’s team consciousness is very strong, for the management of such a strong interest, the so-called Shuai can be imagined. As for the management of the penetrating power, but also from the text to see a number of news. Reading people speak ‘self-cultivation Qijia rule the world’, this person in ‘slim’ this quite consciousness, in the impetuous commercial era, so fix for have already been called Jay. It can be concluded that the person in the emotional control ability, communication skills, coordination ability and other aspects of the outstanding performance, once served as the important task of management, will be with his affinity and prestige, so that subordinates in his surroundings, so that the entire team has a cohesive force and fighting force.”
Tao Qian said: “the prestige is indeed one of the essential qualities of the manager. But only this would say that a person is true, some Overgeneralization.”
Kong Rong said: “the evaluation of a person Is it right? Shuai, prestige is only the first level. There is also a very important level, that is, information management. Many mediocre managers like an exclusive information, a to can at any time to the subordinate shows a superior leadership image; second, the information non equivalence relations can also let him have the decision-making power of the arbitrariness of the universe. In contrast, a rational management will do information sharing, so that employees can make more clear the actual situation around the periphery, to help them understand the objectives of the work, so as to promote democratic decision-making, mobilize the enthusiasm of the people. I see the man’s heart is open air, at this point will create a kind of new weather.”
Tao Qian said: “if people like to share information is true, that the press reporters all the general manager.”
Kong Rong said: “people China emperors Is it right? Ming Jun, mainly to see whether the monarch, effective communication between the monarch and people. So is the manager of the enterprise. If managers and subordinates can be honest with each other communication can be achieved managers and subordinates empathy and make the management who to station in a subordinate position to understand them, the experience of subordinate of hard, it can enhance employee agree on the value of the work and support for managers to. This person believes that effective communication is to create a supportive environment for human resources. This vision, visible mind, this is my evaluation of his true Is it right? Third levels.”
Tao Qian said: “the president is very good at communication, but no one thinks he needs the general manager as outstanding management ability.”
Kongrong suddenly realized what laughed, smiled and said: “a good manager will and subordinates to establish mutual trust relationship. Trust can make the subordinate to believe and follow your is valuable, they will therefore more investment, more active, more understanding, more efforts, this will not only reduce the coordination of friction, labor efficiency is not be mentioned in the same breath. There is no doubt that this person also through in the management of the implementation of performance evaluation, to achieve the management and subordinates’ trust each other, to make the team with the spirit of cooperation. This is the fourth level.”
Tao Qian said: “yes, this person, the day before yesterday and I talked about what a” leaky bucket theory ‘, mentioned that Cooper between the boards of mutual trust and team cooperation problem. He used hoop bucket to describe the team building, but also appropriate.”
“Well,” said Kong Rong jokingly, “dude, you want to Is it right? Him as your successor? This selection of successors with the selection of the law, also want to choose a thousand million pick out the boutique, right?”
Tao Qian said: “yesterday, you and I were young, be in high and vigorous spirits…… In the twinkling of an eye, I have sixty three, Shuangbin has snow stained gray. But my many years of painstaking efforts of Xuzhou company — like you describe that with my own daughter – must entrust to decent children ah. ” He grabbed the hand of Kong Rong said: “with great care, old classmates ah, you say that we won’t see an eye?”
Kong Rong comforted him, “believe me, right. The ‘son-in-law’ you, is absolutely a good carpenter.”